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My name is Hilary Charman and I am a Certified Professional Hypnotherapist, trained in a unique blend of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, coaching & counselling, which has been described as “probably the kindest, quickest and most effective form of personal therapy available”.

If you need help with a personal, emotional, or habitual problem that’s holding you back, contact me now so we can get started on helping you achieve the life you want.


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Jenny Wheatley:
“Hilary was fantastic, she helped me focus and work towards my goal. I felt totally at ease. The environment was relaxed and she listened intently to my personal recount and helped me to focus on a positive way forward. Great success from the session. I’ve now lost nearly three stone and feel fabulous. Would highly recommend”


Emma Hooper:
“Amazing, very professional, relaxing and calming. Has really helped me to make great changes in my life”


Sandi Perkins:
“I had never been hypnotised before my first visit to Hilary. She immediately made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  Initially my mindset was just to see how it went, and I had no idea how profound the effects would be. Hilary spent a lot of time getting to know me, what I was hoping to achieve, and was very understanding of my needs. After my initial session I can only try to explain how things went from there. It was amazing. I relaunched my business, enrolled in a T.A. course, lost a stone (now more) started to make progress with decluttering my home, and got on a plane to Morocco! These were all things I literally never thought would happen!  A couple of months later I could sense I needed a little ‘top up’ and I was happy to see Hilary again. Since then I’ve pushed myself to do many more things I would have always avoided. I cannot sing Hilary’s praises enough, or begin to express how eternally grateful I am for her help”


Tony Ryan:
“Excellent work from Hilary, extremely helpful and effective”


Nicki Smith:
“I had my first session with Hilary yesterday and WOW! The result= feeling of everything in the past, blocks if you will, having dissipated, leaving me with what feels like an extremely positive blank canvas, in which patterns of negative fears, anxieties, old behaviour and attitudes, especially towards myself are no longer a part of my future journey. It really feels like mind, body and soul have been cleansed, and a wonderful sense of empowerment. It’s impossible to put into words the gratitude and humility I feel Hilary. I urge everyone to turn the corner and grab with both hands what this highly effective, Professional Hypnotherapist has to offer you” 


Natalie Joyce
I had a FaceTime Hypnotherapy session with Hilary 6 days ago. I had smoked for almost 25 years and I had convinced myself that I always would, but I reached a point recently where I knew I needed to stop. The session with Hilary was fantastic, I had no idea what to expect but she was great. I haven’t had to give up smoking because I instantly became a non smoker! I feel absolutely brilliant and my family are so pleased. It’s honestly been really easy for me, thank you so much Hilary”


Hailie Clow:
“I’ve had a few sessions with Hilary and the difference in my confidence and how comfortable I feel within myself is close to miraculous. The things I needed to speak about were incredibly difficult, but with Hilary; her warmth making me relax almost instantly. During my sessions I came across things I didn’t even realise were the route cause of feelings I was having. By making peace with those things, I’ve managed to move forward and am living a much more positive life and I feel so much more comfortable with myself. Hilary, I cannot thank you enough and I would thoroughly recommend your sessions to anyone experiencing difficulties. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”