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and face to face sessions in Dorchester

Helping you achieve the results you want

Is there something you want to change?
Is something in your past holding you back?
Do you feel stuck?
My name is Hilary Charman and I am a Certified Professional Hypnotherapist in Dorchester, Dorset trained in a unique blend of hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching by Andrew Parr one of the top Hypnotherapists in the country.
I’m here to help with anxiety, habits, confidence, weight loss and many more things. 
I am passionate about helping and empowering people and I like to get to the route of the problem in the quickest, kindest way possible and deal with that and any symptoms that may be presenting themselves.

I truly believe we all have the answers and the power of healing and change inside us. I will guide you to find that power, to focus on how you want to be and help you unravel old negative beliefs and resolve painful experiences.

During your sessions you will also learn techniques you can take away and use yourself whenever appropriate to support you in the future.

If you are ready to make a change get in touch for a FREE 15-minute phone consultation or to book a session.

What my clients are saying

5-star rating on Facebook


Jenny Wheatley:

“Hilary was fantastic. Great success from the session. I’ve now lost nearly 3 stone and feel fabulous.
Would highly recommend.”



Kate Galbally:

“I had a session with Hilary 2 weeks ago for nail biting. The session was amazing and instantly took away the desire for me to bite my nails. I am no longer a nail biter and after two weeks my nails are gaining length and looking much more healthy.
If you are considering Hypnotherapy I would really recommend using Hilary as she is extremely approachable and non-judgemental and very good value for money.”



Kathy Yardley:

“Wow, just wow. I’ve been a client of Hilary’s for a while now and the difference in both my mental and physical health is unbelievable. Although it’s Hypnotherapy it also feels like a counselling/healing session and I feel like I’ve had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. From her relaxing voice to her warm personality this lady is truly amazing at what she does.“



Tony Ryan:

“Excellent work from Hilary, extremely helpful and effective”



Shakira Brading:

“Could not recommend enough. It has genuinely changed my life. I look at the world in a different light and still use the exercises in my head that I was taught during the sessions, and it feels amazing. I feel like my mind has been wiped of my problems and I’ve started again.



Natalie Joyce:

“I had a FaceTime session with Hilary 6 days ago. I had smoked for almost 25 years. The session with Hilary was fantastic. I haven’t had to give up smoking because I instantly became a non smoker! I feel absolutely brilliant and my family are so pleased. It’s honestly been really easy for me, thank you so much Hilary.”



Hailie Clow:

“I’ve had a few sessions with Hilary and the difference in my confidence and how comfortable I feel within myself is close to miraculous. The things I needed to speak about were incredibly difficult, but Hilary’s warmth made me relax almost instantly.
Hilary I cannot thank you enough and I would thoroughly recommend your sessions to anyone experiencing difficulties.”